The School Governors take a genuine pride and interest in their school.   They have regular meetings to consider every aspect of school life, from the curriculum and the finances of the school to the upkeep of fences and drains!   Each one makes regular visits to the working school so that their termly discussions have real meaning.   Each Governor serves for a four year period.   Parent Governors are elected through nomination and a secret ballot.   Below is a current list of school Governors: -
Mrs W. Clarke (Chairman)         Community
Mr A Stevens                             Headteacher
Mrs K Matthews                           Teacher
Mr I. Edwards                           Community
Mr I. Ellis                                 LA
Mr G. Terrell                            Parent
Mr S. Lauder                            Parent
Dr L. Morgan (Vice Chair)         Community
Mrs L. Mossie-Cox                    Parent
Mrs Y. Salmon                          Community
Dr C. Suppelt                           Parent