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Boughton Monchelsea Primary School

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Our SENCO, Mrs Miranda Romano, is available to discuss any Special Educational Needs issues, in school on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. You can also contact her on senco@boughton-monchelsea.kent.sch.uk. The SENCO's role is to advise staff on good SEN practice, keep up to date with current initiatives and monitor the progress of all the children with SEN within the school. Mrs Romano also meets regularly with families and outside agencies such as Early Help, paediatricians and Speech and Language / Occupational Therapists and the Specialist Teaching Service.


We hold SEN reviews as part of Pupil Progress Meetings every other term and offer a wide range of interventions within the school to support children. These include:
• Nurture support
• Lego Therapy
• Sensory Circuits
• BEAM ( Gross motor programme)
• 1:1 Reading
• Toe by Toe (Dyslexic reading intervention)
• Speech link
• Language for Learning
• Numeracy/Literacy/Phonics boosters
• Clever Fingers (fine motor intervention)
• Write From the Start (fine motor programme)
• Memory Magic

Should your child at any point require extra support in school, you will receive a letter detailing their intervention programme, time and person running it and a target for your child to be working towards. These are reviewed every other month.

SEN tiers

Following Government changes to the SEN Code of Practice in September 2014 we now have only 2 official levels of SEN within the school. These are children with an Education Heath Care Plan (EHCP- which replaced the old style Statement) and children on SEN support. As the criteria for these levels changed, we have also adopted a tier system to track and monitor our other vulnerable pupils who no longer fit within these two categories. Our tier system is as follows:
Tier 4 – Education Health Care Plan
Tier 3 – SEN support (Long term, high level need)
Tier 2 – Vulnerable pupils- This may include: low impact diagnoses / nurture – well being /English as an Additional Language/ medical conditions. (Long term , low level need)
Tier 1 – monitoring level – short term support for speech and language/ nurture/academic needs.
If you would like any further information on any SEN issue, please do contact Mrs Romano by email or alternatively arrange an appointment through the School Office.


Kent County Council's SEND Strategy can be accessed here.

SEND Core Standards Guide for Parents